The DAP Collectors Brand Website is the hub for a highly impactful but underrepresented community to be introduced to our first product and the first Branded Hand Sanitizer. DAP is on a mission to help mend a divided society through product, service, and social experience. DAP Hand Sanitizer, 70% Ethanol Blend Liquid Gel, currently Infused with Lemongrass and Aloe extract, caters to the emphasizing health and cleanliness. With this focus we believe will bring us back to the social excitement we once all enjoyed undeterred before we were impacted by COVID-19.

   Choosing DAP is a movement and an vehicle of empowerment to use a product that we know that's brought forth by people of our own culture. DAP comes on to the scene and is creating inclusion while stirring up a movement as it serves as the pioneering product helping to protect people whom are getting back to their social selves in our world as we reopen. DAP Kills 99.9% of germs and infectious disease causing bacteria. DAP sits alone as a Hand Sanitizer with a voice, a spirit, and an attitude, DAP speaks very boldly and welcomes all who seek to preserve culture and bring society back together by choosing the #1 Brand Made for the culture. With that we we say, #ChooseDAP